Fully-Insured Plans

Fully-Insured plan designs are the traditional way to structure an employer-sponsored health plan. In order to control costs, these plan designs have continued to shift a larger portion of their costs to the participant through high-deductible plan designs. Since participants have to pay more out-of-pocket costs, they have to pay more attention to where they go for care. This takes time.

MAP® Health educates participants and empowers them with the knowledge to get the best medical care at the lowest costs. MAP® Nurse Advocates direct and re-direct participants to high outcome care for better outcomes and lower costs. How? First, our Nurse Advocates listen, gather information and make provider recommendations based on the participant’s specific needs. Second, our Research Analysts use this information to find the best providers in their network. We do not just select providers out of the participant’s network directory. We profile providers based on the participants’ specific needs and MAP® criteria. It’s personalized care.

The physician selection process is data-driven with proven results.

1 out of 5 physicians meet MAP® criteria.