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The Secret Formula for Reference-Based Pricing

The healthcare industry is constantly changing but one thing remains true — patient-centered care is the root for success. See how we walk the walk and talk the talk on patient-centered care through our validated Value-Based Pricing business model — the smarter approach to Reference-Based Pricing.

Two leading healthcare experts, with combined experience of over 50 years, discussed the best way to transition to Value-Based Healthcare Payment Models. From getting the best medical care, designing an effective benefit plan, and avoiding balance billing, to aligning with the right medical stop-loss insurance company for your protection, we’ve got your formula for success!

You can watch the recording of the webinar to see why MAP Medical Advocate Program® is the industry-leading choice for Reference-Based Pricing and how our new approach benefits you. Plus you’ll gain new tools for your cost-containment strategy toolbox!

For more information on Value-Based Pricing or any of MAP Medical Advocate Program® services, please contact Ed Dillabough at 727-561-9553.


Ed Dillabough
Co-Founder and President of MAP Medical Advocate Program®

Ed is a highly experienced healthcare consultant and medical advocate, who specializes in reimbursement contracting strategies in the medical and healthcare insurance industry. Former CEO of CIGNA and UnitedHealthcare in West Florida

Wayne K. Soud, Jr., CSFS®
CEO of Strategic Benefit Resources

Wayne specializes in self-funding and appropriate risk management including risk analysis, risk optimization and evaluation of traditional and alternative risk management strategies. Held executive positions with Lockton Companies, LLC, Marsh and Prudential Healthcare