Medical Advocate Program (MAP®)

Medical Advocate Program (MAP®)

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MAP® is the only advocacy and transparency program that uses licensed nurses as the ONLY point of contact for participants. Why? It is important for participants to speak to licensed nurses since almost one half of their requests are modified to better serve their needs. A participant may call for an orthopedic physician and a chiropractor for low back pain. After our Nurse Advocates listen and question the participant, the Nurse Advocate determines the participant may have another medical condition that requires a gynecologist. Our highly experienced Nurse Advocates know what questions to ask and they make recommendations based on the assessment of the participant’s requests and needs.

After the Nurse Advocates determine what is needed, our talented Research Analysts identify in-network physicians with high value outcomes and low costs. Only 15% to 20% of physicians nationwide meet our MAP® criteria. As a result, our participants are steered to the very best care specific to their needs.

The MAP® Nurse Advocate is an unbiased, independent resource unaffiliated with any other healthcare provider or insurance company. This is very important. We are motivated by our genuine care for helping participants. We build on-going relationships with our participants and they trust us.

Better Healthcare Is Just Three Steps Away

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Participants speak directly with MAP® Nurse Advocates where they can discuss their medical concerns with understanding and complete confidentiality.

MAP® Solves
Medical Concerns

MAP® Nurse Advocates listen, ask questions, educate, and provide answers to help participants make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Nurse Advocates
Return Options

MAP® Nurse Advocates follow up with the participants’ requested information via a secure email and phone call.

We Do Not Stop There

We make outreach phone calls to participants to make sure they have followed our recommendations and received treatment.
We take proactive steps to care for our participants.