Delphi of Florida, LLC was founded in 2002 by two seasoned healthcare industry executives, Ed Dillabough and Jon Wittorff. Ed and Jon started their business model providing utilization review and case management services for self-insured employers. As the healthcare landscape was beginning to change to HSAs and higher deductible plans, these wise executives realized the need for educating consumers about the quality and costs of healthcare.

They had a ground-breaking idea to help employers reduce healthcare costs and add value to their healthcare benefit program. Why not educate employers’ biggest asset - employees? This is how the Medical Advocate Program or MAP® came about. MAP® researches quality and costs of physicians and facilities to give employees options to get the best, appropriate medical care. Even better, MAP® has Nurse Advocates who personally speak with participants on every phone call. MAP® became the “go to” healthcare transparency resource for employers and their employees.

MAP® evolved into MAP® Health, offering more value-based solutions for employers. MAP® Health is proactive and a complete solution. MAP® Health continues to be a trusted resource for unbiased healthcare information and guidance on navigating the healthcare system. MAP® Health is an independent resource not affiliated with insurance companies or healthcare providers. MAP® Health is motivated to educate, engage and empower participants to get better medical outcomes and lower costs.

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  • We educate and empower participants to make better healthcare decisions
  • We keep participants in the middle
  • We want the best outcome for participants on every case


  • We offer value-based solutions to simplify healthcare
  • We help employers and their employees get better medical outcomes - lower costs
  • We keep our eyes wide open and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape