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Why would an employer want to offer MAP®?2021-08-25T16:39:49+00:00

Employers overwhelmingly say that healthcare is too expensive and too complicated, with employees getting lost in the medical maze. MAP® offers solutions to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. With a phone call to the MAP® Nurse Advocate, we provide the information and assistance required to ensure that employees become better educated about their options, high outcome physicians, cost-effective medical facilities, and get the care they need in the most efficient way possible.

Does MAP® actually save money?2021-08-25T16:37:57+00:00

Although individual results will vary, industry trends show that employers will save money when their employees become more educated purchasers of their healthcare benefits. Better and more efficient medical care results in fewer complications, better outcomes, lower costs and faster return to work. Because of the low cost of implementing our programs, one case handled more efficiently could easily save an employer the annual cost of implementation.

What other similar programs are available?2021-08-25T16:37:26+00:00

MAP® Health is the most comprehensive medical advocacy program in the industry. There is no other program that offers one-on-one medical professional assistance to employees. No other program has available the information contained in our proprietary database on the quality, efficiency or cost of every physician and medical facility nationwide. We are the only organization that can offer your employees a combination of professional experience, an extensive working knowledge of the local medical services and costs, an understanding of accepted medical guidelines with which to make our recommendations and guide your employees.

Why would my employees need MAP®?2021-08-25T16:36:52+00:00

Obtaining quality medical care has become increasingly difficult and confusing for employees. Typically, people research and know more about any other purchase they make than the most important one . . . healthcare. We assist employees in making more efficient and educated decisions about medical care. We answer their questions, help them find and get appointments with the best physicians, and then ensure that treatment plans are being followed for the best outcome. The result is that your employees will waste less and conserve more of their healthcare benefit dollars, get better care with better outcomes, and return to work more quickly with fewer complications.

Who is eligible to use MAP®?2021-08-25T16:36:09+00:00

MAP® covers the employee and his/her immediate family, including the spouse and/or dependents, even though they may be covered under a different benefit program. Anyone in the immediate family may us for assistance.

Reasons to call MAP®2021-08-25T16:35:20+00:00

When you:

  • Have medical symptoms or questions and would like to talk with someone about what to do.
  • Want to profile your physician or medical facility in your area.
  • Need to see a medical provider of any specialty.
  • Need to see a specialist or have a procedure done in a hospital or outpatient facility.
  • Need to find lower cost alternatives for prescription medications.
  • Want access to medical information on specific ailments.
  • Want information on alternative treatment options.
  • Want to get a second opinion from another medical provider.
  • Want to discuss questions to ask a physician regarding symptoms and ailments.
  • Are having trouble getting medical services when you need them.


How often can employees use MAP®?2021-08-25T16:34:29+00:00

They can call as often as necessary. We encourage them to call on any health matter. We may call them for follow-up to make sure medical treatment is going as planned. Have a question not listed here? Click here to submit your question.

Does MAP® comply with HIPAA regulations?2021-08-25T16:33:51+00:00

Yes. We maintain and protect any information we receive according to State and Federal privacy standards. In fact, our program eliminates much of the employer’s liability under HIPAA, because we are assisting the employees instead of the Human Resource Department. Employees will come to us to get the answers to medical questions and problems that Human Resource Departments can no longer provide to them.

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