Educating employees is the key to saving money and reducing risk for all involved.


Measurable results for your clients in a relatively short period of time.


Provide the necessary tools to save money and add valuable services to your accounts.

Transparency: The True Cost of Healthcare

January 7, 2014

As medical costs continue to soar out of control for employers, and employees continue to have trouble managing their own…
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Gall Bladder Removal Surgeries

September 23, 2013

To determine whether the consensus is justified, MAP® reviewed 28,766 gall bladder removals to discover the percentage of…
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Delphi provides the necessary tools to save money and add valuable services to your accounts. Our Medical Management Programs include utilization review and consulting services, as well as a member-direct Medical Advocate Program® (MAP®, all to sharpen your competitive edge over HMOs and large insurers, as well as member services that fully educate and assist consumers to be more informed and cost-conscious in their healthcare choices. Delphi offers services and programs to:

Lower your reinsurance rates. Our select reinsurers give us additional discounts off standard rates because they see that our utilization review program saves them money.

Improve your provider network discounts. Upon comparative research on the rates of large carriers with local and national PPO networks, Delphi then revises network and contract relationships to achieve substantial discounts for our clients.

Lower your employer’s healthcare costs through the industry’s most extensive utilization review program.

Keep your accounts with personalized professional assistance. Because education is the key to cost savings, The MAP® Program provides the most convenient, totally confidential call center for employees who want timely, accurate information on the most appropriate providers and the most cost-effective medical choices in their self-directed healthcare.